Orca Swim Team

IGLA 2016 Early Registration Discount Ends Jan 15


Register before January 15 to take advantage of the early Registration Discount.  Go to www.igla2016.org to register.

Announcing Orca Swim Team 2016 Juanita’s Cup


Juanita’s Cup is the premier competition and program to encourage Orca Swim Team members to regularly exercise and track your progress. There’s no time limit for the distance milestones, except that they must be achieved this calendar year (2016). It doesn’t matter how fast you are—just the effort to attain whatever goal you set for yourself.

Juanita’s Cup, like your Grindr, Tindr, Scruff, etc. profiles, is on the honor system—you track the distance you swim. Daily, weekly, or monthly, enter that information into Juanita’s Stroke Counter. When you achieve certain milestones, you’ll be recognized on the Orca Swim Team website, at Monthly Potlucks, at Quarterly Blow Hole Parties, and at the Holiday Party at the End of the Year.

There’s no cost to enter Juanita’s Cup. All you need is a fierce drive to be awesome. You can log your yards through Juanita’s Stroke Counter on your desktop or mobile device. Results for the week will be posted on the Orca Swim Team Website on Saturdays.

Report your stokes to Juanita’s now!

Milestone Awards

69 Miles Juanita’s Cup 69 Mile Swim Cap
100 Miles Cocktail Party
150 miles Orca Swim Team Open Water Towel
200 Miles Sushi Dinner
300 Miles Orca Swim Team T-Shirt
365.25 Miles (average mile a day) Juanita’s Cup Trophy and Geoduck Chowder Dinner
400 Miles Orca Swim Team Competition Suit

Other Juanita’s Cup Competition Awards

  • Lane Awards
  • Night Owl: Most evening swims
  • Early Riser: Most morning swims
  • Wave Maker: Most Open Water miles

Dive into 2016

We’re  super excited to see everyone back in the pool this week!   There are lots of great things coming up in 2016, from PNA champs in federal Way, IGLA in Edmonton in August to shiny new locker rooms at Connolly Center! Practice resumes Monday January 4th!

Our practices for the Winter Quarter are as follows: Monday:    7:15p Tuesday: 6:05a Wednesday: 7:30p Thursday: 6:05a Friday: 7:00p Sunday: 2:00p
Don’t forget to renew your USMS membership and buy a new ORCA pass or punchcard before you head to the pool.




10-punch pass: $80 Quarterly Pass: $175 Annual Pass $575 USMS Membership $52 ($39 + $13 Pacific Northwest Masters)

Please choose the following when registering with USMS:

LMSC: Pacific Northwest

Club: Puget Sound Masters (PSM)

Workout Group: Orca Swim Club (ORCA)

2016 IGLA Championship Registration is Open


We are looking forward to an incredible sporting competition and amazing social events including: the IGLA Follies Pink Flamingo, Hosted Dinners, daily Happy Hours, a Women’s Party, a fabulous closing party hosted by Pure Pride Entertainment and more!

The base fee breakdown in Canadian Dollars is:

Early Registration $40.00 December – January 15, 2016
Regular Registration $55.00 January 16 – March 31, 2016
Late Registration $75.00 April 1 – June 30, 2016

Sport fees are $20 per sport with the exception of the 2016 IGLA Open Water Swim which is $40 (before June 30, 2016) or $60 (until August 7, 2016).  Water polo team payment is available.

We have a number of recommended Host Hotel options for IGLA participants. These include options in Downtown Edmonton, close to the Kinsmen Sports Center.

If you have never been to IGLA before, make this your first!  An IGLA Championship is a non-stop, fun-filled and inclusive time with swimmers, water polo players, divers, and synchronized swimmers from all over the world; from beginners to very competitive athletes. 

We look forward to hosting a truly great event and hope you’ll come Make Waves with us!


Be part of the action!  See you in Edmonton August 8-14, 2016!


End of Year Schedule


Next week December 7-13 will be the last regular practice schedule of the year.  As the Seattle U Rec Center is on holiday hours, our schedule will be changed too.

 Monday December 14:
Shortened practice 7:15-8pm

Tuesday December 15 through Thursday December 17:
No practice at Seattle U

 Friday December 18: Last Practice of the year at SU!
Time change from 6:45-8pm

Seattle U will be closed after this until the new year!

On December 15, 17, 22, and 29, (Tuesdays and Thursdays) the board will pay the fee for current team members to swim with Masters Swim at Medgar Evers Pool at 23th and Cherry St.

Please arrive by 6:45pm and meet one of the captains in the pool lobby.

2016 Passes

Now is the time to purchase your 2016 pass so you can swim with us at out first practice of 2016. You can do so at the Orca store.

Prices are:

  • 10 Punch Pass: $80
  • Quarterly Pass: $175
  • Annual Pass: $575

2016 USMS Membership

You can now purchase your 2016 USMS. We encourage you to renew now so you can swim right away in the New Year. You wont be able to buy a pass or swim until you’ve done so. This is a great time to buy USMS membership as it makes some special discounts on swim and sporting gear available through the new year. http://www.usms.org/reg/register.

Please choose the following when registering:

  •  LMSC: Pacific Northwest
  •  Club: Puget Sound Masters (PSM)
  •  Workout Group: Orca Swim Club (ORCA)