Open Water

2014 Orca Open Water Swim Results

2014 Orca Open Water Swim Age Group Results

Those who wish to participate in Open Water Swim practices meet at Madison Park Beach (end of Madison) at 6:15 on Tuesdays and Thursdays unless another time is specified. The group will congregate in front of the building with the bathrooms and depart as a group from the south end of the beach.

IGLA 2013 Open Water Swim Photo by Erika Shultz / The Seattle Times

The swim is to the Tennis Club and back, approximately 1.4 miles round trip. Please plan to wear a brightly colored cap and be comfortable with that distance. You do not need to travel the same speed as the rest of the group but must be comfortable navigating yourself to and from should you be faster or slower than the rest of the group.

Wetsuits are recommended when the water temperatures are below 63 degrees. The temperature of Lake Washington can be monitored at:

By participating with this group you are agreeing to take the inherent risks of open water swim upon yourself and the Orca Swim Team is in no way responsible for your safety.

Should you wish to be on the emailing service this year please send an email to with your name and phone #. Invites will come on Tuesdays and Thursdays.