2017 Pride Information

Capitol Hill Pride Festival

Capitol Hill Pride Festival takes place Saturday, June 24th on Broadway and goes all day.  Orca Swim Team is sharing a booth with other Seattle LGBTQ sports groups.  We are very excited to celebrate Pride with our community and build stronger relationships with other sports groups.

When you are out and about on Saturday, be sure to track down the booth and say hi to the Orcas and make friends with the people from the other sports groups.  It always pays to be a good athletic supporter.

Better yet, if you want to coach others on how to get involved with LGBT sports, particularly those that want to swim or want a swimmer’s body, contact Rob Svetz. Grab your whistle and blow!

Seattle Pride Parade

The 2017 Seattle Pride  takes place Sunday, June 25th on 4th Avenue.  Orca Swim Team is No. 80.  Our staging spot for the parade is on 4th Avenue between Madison and Marion.
Our staging spot is right in front of the bus stop, just south of Bartell’s Drug Store. Look for Jason’s black truck.

Our staging window is from 11:45 AM to 12:15 PM. The truck with the generator and music will be at the staging spot at 11:00 AM.

Please plan to be at the truck and ready by noon.  We will be doing some minor parade prep at the staging area.  This includes blowing up flamingos, and taping the lettering to the side of the truck.

Please stay hydrated. We will have two coolers with ice to keep drinks cool. You may want to bring sunscreen.  If you bring a bag with you to the parade you can stow it in the back of the truck.

The parade ends at 2nd Ave N and Denny Way.  The truck will not stop at the end of the parade but will continue on to a break down spot on Eagle Street. That is where you will be able to collect your bags and other things from the truck.

The map below shows the route the truck will take. If you are walking you can walk directly from 2nd Ave N and Denny Way to 101 Eagle Street.

Please note the following requirements from the parade organizers:

  • No pen flames are permitted anywhere in the staging area or parade route.
  • The selling of merchandise or services is not permitted in the staging area.
  • Testing of audio systems is permitted for a short period of time. Please be respectful of the groups around you, and minimize the volume and duration of your testing.
  • Illegal substances of any kind are not permitted. Sale, transfer, or distribution of any illegal substance will be immediately referred to SPD, and violators will be removed from the area.
  • The use of alcohol and other intoxicating substances is not permitted along the parade route.
  • Animals must always be on a leash or kenneled. Note that it is unacceptable for animals to relieve themselves on the parade route and in the staging area. Seattle Pride recommends that animals and their companions plan accordingly for this necessary activity.
  • Report the presence of protesters and protest activity to the Parade staff immediately. Do not engage any protester in any activity for any reason. Protesters will be referred to the Seattle Police Department for disposition.
  • Vehicles may not be run for more than a few minutes, until required to move forward along the parade route. Do not idle your vehicle in the staging area.
  • Please be mindful of the state of your vehicle’s battery, and do not drain your battery while testing vehicle-powered equipment.