Orca Swim Team

Holiday and December Potluck – You are Cordially Invited

The Holiday and December Potluck has been booked for December 13 at 7:00! Hank has graciously volunteered to host the potluck at his place (check your email for directions). We will again have a white elephant gift exchange. Please bring a gift in the $10-15 range if you’d like to participate.


We have seen some really remarkably creative gifts through the years.  Juanita is particularly interested in what will be offered this year – if you wonder what would be appropriate just think WWJD (What would Juanita Desire?).


If you plan to do any holiday shopping (white elephants or otherwise) or any other shopping throughout the year on Amazon, please use the Orca Amazon Smile site. He team receives 0.5% of your purchases as a donation without any cost to you.

You can select Orca Swim Team when you register with Smile or shop directly at our team site.

Don’t worry. We won’t know what you buy on there.


The last day of practice this year is scheduled for December 19. We will resume again in January 2015. The board continues to work on getting an earlier practice time, but we’ve not hear back from SU. Remember, you will need to renew your USMS Membership for 2015 and purchase a new annual or quarterly pass before swimming again in January.


You can now renew your 2015 USMS. We encourage you to renew now so you can swim right away in the New Year. New members, this is a great time to buy USMS membership as it covers 2015 and makes some special discounts on swim and sporting gear available through the new year. CLICK HERE TO RENEW.


The next Women’s Only Practice will be on Wednesday December 11. We will have two pools: one will be the women’s only practice and the other will by our typical practice. The word is getting out among PNA swimmers and we plan to advertise this. Women’s only practices come recommended from both USMS and other IGLA teams as a way to boost membership among women.

3000 OR 6000 YD ePOSTAL

Congratulations to David Dahl, Brock Jones, Meg Meinerz (6000 yard) and Jenny Ferries (3000 yard) who completed the 2014 Short Course National Championship ePostal. Their times will also be used to construct Puget Sound Masters relay teams and we look forward to seeing the result in the new year.


  • Fri 12/05/14 – Friday After Practice Dinner @ Elysian Brewing Co., Corner of Pike and 13th. 1221 E Pike St, Seattle, WA 98122
  •  Mon 12/8/14 6:30 PM – Orca Board Meeting @ Seattle U, Eisiminger Fitness Center Conference Room.