Orca Swim Team

Girls Just want to Have Fun

The board is planning to begin a monthly Women Only Practice in addition to our current schedule. This has been a successful way of increasing women’s participation for fellow IGLA teams and other Master Swim Teams. If you know women who might be interested, please give them a heads up. Exact time and day to follow.

Beginning Swimmers Clinic

The board is working with our wonderful SU coaches to plan monthly swim clinics focused on the needs of beginning swimmers. These are great opportunities for many who are interested in Orca Swim Team, but feel their swimming skills might be lacking or who have been out of swimming practice for a while.  If you or some one you know needs some help getting back in the pool, let the Orca Board know.

3000 or 6000yrd ePostal

If you are interested in doing the 3000 or 6000yrd ePostal USMS championship, we will make pool space available either during or in addition to a practice. Please let Brock Jones know if you’re interest. Click here for information is available on this national event. If we have thee or more swimmers we could enter a team relay!

Looking Ahead

If you’d like to host a potluck in the upcoming year (Including the Christmas gift exchange potluck) please let your captains know. We had many great potlucks, in wonderful venues last year, thank you. We’d love to come back! We are working with Front Runners to minimize double bookings.

Pool Schedule

We are at full schedule this week: M,W, F at 7:45pm (two pools M-W); T-Th at 6:05am to 7:20am (slight time change); Sun 2:00pm. And don’t forget, we have dry land workouts at 7:15pm to 7:45pm in one of the racquetball courts.


After Practice Dinner – Friday 10/31

Central Pizza, 2901 S Jackson St, Seattle, WA 98144

Well Strung – Saturday 11/8


Well-Strung, The Singing String Quartet, are talented masters of turning pop hits into instrumental wonders, and have been referred to as “absolutely amazing” by BBC Radio. The part boy-band, part string-quartet – their muscles are as toned as their music – present themselves as a buff, gay, pop-classical hybrid of juicy boy band and staid chamber group with a vocal component, and features the music of Beethoven, Ravel, Madonna, Rhianna, Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears and more! The charming group have quickly gained national and international attention for their unique mash-ups.  $35 (not including fees. Click here for ticketing information.

Use the code “Quartet” and get 30% off for 4 tickets (applicable online only).



We are now officially in Fall Quarter that means you need to have a Fall Quarterly Pass if you don’t have an Annual or Punch Card. They are available on the orca store website. Also all swimmers need to have a pass in their lane’s folder to swim!!! It is a way to verify everyone is a USMS member, track pool usage and be sure everyone contributes to the team. Thanks!


Some swimmers may have signed up without realizing that in order buy Quarterly or Punch Card swim passes, you need to be an Orca Team Member. The Board has reduced the cost of membership to $10 for the rest of the year (usually $20). This is a chance to buy a membership at this rate if you forgot earlier in the year or are joining us for the fall quarter.