Orca Swim Team

Orcas Swim Team to present Fat Salmon Open Water Swim

The newly elected board held its first meeting this week. We have agreed to take on the annual Fat Salmon Swim!!!!

This is one of the region’s best established and highly prominent open water swims, held each ear from the I-90 bridge to Madison Beach. This is a great opportunity to support our team mission, promote the team and fundraise through involvement with the whole Seattle and Puget Sound community. Meg has agreed to oversee this, but will be looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help.


We are at full schedule this week: M,W, F at 7:45pm (two pools M-W); T-Th at 6:05am to 7:20am (slight time change); Sun 2:00pm. And don’t forget, we have dry land workouts at 7:15pm to 7:45pm in one of the racquetball courts. . Also SU is back in session so we have the pool the full time and there is no long a need to rush out by 9.

October is here and evening practices are already busier. There is still plenty of room with two pools on Mondays and Wednesdays. Each pool usually has a separate focus so whatever your swimming goals are, there is a lane for you!

Morning practices are a great way to start your day every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:05am. The morning coaches are great and really excited to help!

 Also all swimmers need to have a pass in their lane’s folder to swim!!! It is a way to verify everyone is a USMS member, track pool usage and be sure everyone contributes to the team. Thanks!


Seven Orcas will be competing this weekend on Bainbridge. Good luck! Thanks for representing the team and getting the swim meet season off to a good start.


October Potluck

The October and Halloween Potluck are scheduled for Saturday October 25th. Kelly has agreed to host again this year. Time an address to follow, so start planning your costume now.


Monday, October 20th at Seattle University at 6:30pm (before practice)


Regent Bakery, Cafe & Bar (traditional Chinese baked goods and Chinese food)

Corner of 14th and Pine. 1404 E. Pine St Seattle, WA 98122


If you’d like to host a potluck in the upcoming year (Including the Christmas gift exchange potluck) please let your captains know. We had many great potlucks, in wonderful venues last year, thank you. We’d love to come back! We are working with Front Runners to minimize double bookings.


We are now officially in Fall Quarter that means you need to have a Fall Quarterly Pass if you don’t have an Annual or Punch Card. They are available on the orca store website.


Some swimmers may have signed up without realizing that in order buy Quarterly or Punch Card swim passes, you need to be an Orca Team Member. The Board has reduced the cost of membership to $10 for the rest of the year (usually $20). This is a chance to buy a membership at this rate if you forgot earlier in the year or are joining us for the fall quarter.